Working and Living in France

adrian-by-phil-mashWorking and Living in France

Living in France for several years, Adrian Leeds has accumulated valuable experience and information as well as developed valuable contacts. She is able to assist you as much as possible and when necessary, put you in contact with one or more of our professional associates to provide the help you need.

Your questions can be anything related to:

  • Obtaining the Right to Be in France
  • Making the Move
  • Dealing with Technology
  • Finding Employment
  • Starting a Business
  • Setting Up Your Finances
  • Finding Temporary Housing
  • Finding Property
  • Buying and Owning Property
  • Renting Your Property for Profit
  • Learning About the Leaseback Program
  • Getting a Mortgage
  • Health Care and Insurance
  • Learning the Language
  • Educating the Kids
  • Bridging the Cultural Differences

14-12-12-sentier-de-soie1Consultation can be arranged in person, by phone, or email with Adrian Leeds.
Please contact us for information regarding the fees for a consultation. Fees and expenses are payable by check or credit card and
must be prepaid to confirm your appointment or services.

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Erin Clor, Immigration Specialist
Manager based in Fragomen Worldwide's Brussels office, where she leads Fragomen’s France division. Details are available on our Immigration Services page.

Property Consultation and Search Services:

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]