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Adrian LeedsUpstairs at La Pierre du Marais
(Since December 2002 and in this location since October 2003)

On the corner of rue des Archives and rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris
Métro Lines 9, 3 et 11, stations Temple, République or Arts et Métiers

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NEXT MEETING: May 13, 2014 AND EVERY SECOND TUESDAY OF THE MONTH, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. (closed August)

Now, every month, a guest speaker of note comes to talk about a topic of interest and then open the floor for questions and discussion! 

Upcoming meetings: 2014: May 13, June 10, July 8, NO August session, September 9, October 14, November 11, December 9

*Special Note: Anyone attending Parler Paris Après Midi must be willing to have their photograph taken and a brief description written about them for publishing in Parler Paris. Your presence indicates your willingness to participate.

French Word a Day - Kristin Espinasse
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Kristin Espinasse - Author, creator of and budding permaculture farmer!

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Upcoming Après-Midi Presentations:

Martine di Mattéo May 13, 2014

Martine di Mattéo


Born and raised in Paris, a scholarship brought Martine to San Francisco, California, where she studied Art and Design before she joined Macy’s department stores as Director of Visual Merchandise for the downtown store. She mastered the world of retail, the art of window displays, as well as Christmas, flower show and major furniture marketing events. She became an American citizen to add to her already French citizenship. Disneyland Paris gave Martine the opportunity to return to France where she worked for their theme park and hotels for 14 years as a Visual Marketing Director of the stores and retail department. She joined the prestigious interior design classes at the French national school “Ecole Boulle” for one year and is practicing interior designer for private apartments. She and her husband own a French company called “Au Passe Recompose,” which creates decorative objects reborn from the past thanks to their love of “brocantes” where they shop for antiques together. 

Catharine Cary June 10, 2014


Painter and tagueuse élégante


Catharine Cary is a former project manager for big complicated urban development projects in New York (her last was the New Amsterdam Theatre for Disney). She moved to Paris in 1997 to paint. Her first show was only two years later. She has shown and sold, and continues to do both. Catharine is called "la tagueuse élégante" as she dashes off repetitive euphoric texts on walls and windows, legally and illegally, and more and more frequently. Otherwise, she has lived and worked in over 26 countries across three continents. An exile interested in reconnecting with her mother tongue, she gardens. She’d be 100% French if she would just give in and make confiture.

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